Nov 5, 2010

Inspired by the Like

In doing some research for bangs (and yes, I'm calling it reseach) I came across some pictures of the band, the like. I remember hearing them years ago, but I don't remember them having such impecable mod style. I don't even need to say what type of fashion this inspires: false lashes, stripes, opaque tights, flats, bangs, and red lips . But it definitely also inspires some fun retro furnishings. Cleary, any interior decor based on their music is first and foremost: retro. The playful style of the Like's music would definitely be mirrored by this whimsical arrangement of colorful plates. And while their look might read tough and sometimes a little androgenous, their music is overtful feminine and playful, making me crave a little girly pink. The way this room incorporates shag carpeting, and that mad men style headboard definitely makes me feel it would be the perfect place to pop in the like and write my diary. Plus, isn't that hello kitty perfectly suited to the room? And can't you imagine the band getting ready in the bathroom below? I love the seafoam and pink. But I also love the punches of primary colors in their look. So rooms with tons of red, yellow, and blue definitely also seem to go with the music.
Images via 1 & 2 MTV 3 thru 6 My space, 7, 8, 9, 10, Design Sponge, 11 Apartment Therapy

1 comment:

  1. I remember taking a stand and NOT liking the Like when they first came out. And I don't recall them being mod either, or else I think I would have liked them in the first place. Perhaps they realized they needed a shtick to get their careers going..


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