Nov 24, 2010

Wednesday = Friday (Thanksgiving Week)

I'm starting to think that this post should just be called "what I ate this weekend." I guess it's pretty clear where my interests lie. I had another fantastic weekend. Friday night I went to Lyon Hall for dinner where I had an amazing wurst. Then Saturday morning, PB and I went out to Tyson's corner where I may or may not have spent $50 on some adjoining mittens. We also had some friends over for an amazing dinner (so amazing I forgot to take pictures). PB made this steak salad and this sweet potato soup.

Then on Sunday I met one of my hippest friends at the farmers market where I picked up some orange cauliflower for Thanksgiving and some pork shoulder (that PB turned into a great Sunday dinner). And I discovered Filter. Finally a new non-starbucks cafe in NW!

Okay, kids, have a happy thanksgiving!

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