Nov 4, 2010

Thursday = Past Halfway

I got a little distracted with the new puppy this week so I'm just getting to Wednesday now. This last weekend the weather was beautiful and I only had to work one day of it (yay?), so I was pretty happy. On Saturday we went to check out the Rally to Restore Sanity, but once we realized we couldn't see or hear a thing we packed it in and headed to a bar for some bloody marys and to watch the rally on tv. Then we went for an early dinner to Russia House and I got some delicious Pelmeni. On Sunday, I grabbed some brunch at Zaytinya. I had this dish with toast, poached eggs, greek yogurt and paprika and pepper. I think I could learn to make that, right? Just need to learn to poach an egg. Sunday night we watched the Living Dead and ate halloween treats but I was so scared I forgot to take pictures....
This weekend we're just going to lay low and play with Grizzly and I can't wait!

1 comment:

  1. Okay wow! I had no idea the greek yogurt thing was going to look so damn good! That looks amazing, but just a few corrections to your recounting, We also went for a real dinner on Saturday at Ray's the Steaks and we watched the show the Walking Dead, not living dead....minor distinctions but distinctions none the less. Good luck with Grizz!


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