May 3, 2010

Lyon Hall

PB and I are huge fans of the Liberty Tavern folk, who also run Eventide and Spider Kelly's, (yum and meh). But they've recently expanded their Clarendon reach by opening up Northside Social, in the old Murky Coffee Spot (R.I.P) and Lyon Hall. Lyon Hall is an Alsatian style bistro which means lots of sausages, oysters, and apparently good cocktails as well. Had I know it was going to be so dark, I would have brought a real camera, so I'm sorry for the artless iphone pictures but here we go.

We started in the spatzle area of the menu. Which I love saying...spatzle. So our friends ordered these Potato And Prune Dumplings also filled with speck, sage, ubriaco that were seriously out of this world, and pretty cute too.

PB got these chicken liver dumplings that featured these seriously delicious mushrooms and mouthwatering broth. I opted for the arctic char which literally melted in my mouth. And it features ramps, which I love.

As for the sausage portion of the meal. PB got this short rib frankfurter with English pub mustard that was also delish, but not as good as the Hungarian lamb sausage (pictured second). I also had to get a side of Celeriac Sauerkraut that was really good (anyone have a recipe?).

As I said, I'm sorry for the dark pictures, but I think you can tell, it was definitely a good meal. I am really hoping the place isn't taken over by the popped collar crowd, as with liberty tavern, but even with's worth it.

Lyon Hall
3100 Washington Blvd.
Arlington VA 22201


  1. Good. To. Know! Arlington now seems like a distant land I've never truly explored.


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