Apr 6, 2010

Look at this Dress!

My jaw dropped when I saw this gorgeous Monique Lhullier dress on Style Me Pretty. I LOVE the sand color, the texture of the sash, and the shape. And um...yeah those not too fluffy but still fluffy layers of tulle.

I'm trying to keep my own dress a complete secret from PB and it has been SO hard. I think he's pretty surprised I've been able to keep all details secret this long. What do you think, does it really matter?

Photography by Rebecca Rotenberg of Docuvitae Photography


  1. I think you're allowed to give a general idea (neckline, skirt shape...). It depends on what you two both want!

  2. I don't like this dress! It looks like weeds attached to the bottom. The top is pretty though...I like your dress much better. I don't really remember what I told Michael about my dress. I certainly didn't show him. I think if you keep it all a secret though, it'll make him even more emotional when you hit the aisle.

  3. Keep it a secret! Delayed gratification is the best. Perhaps you could give little snippets. But i feel like the sexiest way to do it might be to make him close his eyes and let him touch the dress, just for a few seconds... but that might be WAY too hard for him (not Peanut Butter specifically, but any person in general) not to open his eyes and look. But yes, obviously Siren has a point that whatever you guys want is the most important thing.


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