Apr 21, 2010

Ode to Pilates

Over the past year or so I have fallen hard for pilates. It's graceful (it was designed for dancers after all), it involves stretching, and strength, and it makes you feel amazing. Plus, there's something kind of fun about working on these crazy machines with different straps and gears everywhere. It feels like some crazy 19th century invention ( I realize this isn't old compared to say, yoga). Maybe it's this weird oldness to it that makes me love looking at pictures of Joseph Pilates working with his patients and demonstrating all the positions. It looks kind of silly and crazy...but seriously, you have to try it.


  1. Full disclosure, Matrioshka got me into pilates, I have not fallen for it as she has but due to this exposure we have got my mom to start it up with a healthy dose of physical rehab and she absolutely loves it! Thank you weird creepy guy in these old pics for coming up with a workout system that my mom can take advantage of!

  2. Do you really use the machines!? I only know of floor pilates, which I adore. So does Jeff Garlin. At least he said so on Real Time with Bill Maher.

  3. Oh I use the machines. I like floor pilates too but for some reason using all sorts of weird straps (some of them furry) makes it more like a game. Also, you can do a lot more crazy acrobatics on the machines.

  4. Thank you for reminding me I have been neglecting working out.

    I have always found the machines rather creepy, but you've made me curious now.

  5. I thought it was designed for WWI amputees... Also, noting "likes furry straps..."
    Just good to know these things ;)


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