Oct 11, 2010

Gorgeous NY Times Wedding

Normally I don't troll the Wedding announcement section of the NY Times (I'm not judging) but I did stumble across this wedding and wanted to share. I usually like a bit more fluff to my wedding dresses but I thought the table setting and these lanterns were so graceful and full of taste. As the daughter of Richard Meier, who is famous for his modern usually all-white design, it's not surprising to see tons of architectural detailing including origami flowers and this awesome tent.

More beautiful pictures here.

photos by Ira Lippke, via NYtimes

1 comment:

  1. I um... may have read that article too. And i have no excuse; i have not had a wedding to plan that would necessitate my viewing such things. But whatevs! I must admit; i was a wee bit confused on the concept of the "undulating lawn" that Mr. Meier "designed" to emulate "ocean waves". Aren't those normally called "hills"?


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