Oct 25, 2010

Two Drastically Different Affairs

I really thought that once I actually had my wedding I would just be totally over looking at them...not so....at all. In some ways I enjoy looking at them even more. Instead of mining them for inspiration, they just remind me of those crazy wonderful feelings I experienced all day long.

Both of these weddings caught my eye in the past two weeks and I had to post a couple pictures and refer you to them because they are awesome in totally different ways. This first wedding comes from Sweden (not a surprise that I like it given my love of Swedish design). It took place in a green house from the 1800s! Isn't the bride gorgeous?! Her dress is Isabel Marant. And the sweetest part is that she and her husband performed as a gift to each other.

featured on the lovely Once Wed

The second wedding is the complete opposite. It's modern and dramatic and filled with little DIYs (go over to the link at the bottom to see them). I love the romantic landscape photos.
via one of my favorites, Green Wedding Shoes


  1. Both are gorgeous, but I especially love the close up of the bride and groom from the first wedding.

    Your blog is great, I'll definitely be back :)

  2. Awww, thank you! Having a sort of low day and that really perked me up!

  3. They're both gorgeous, but wow that second one looks like a beautiful dreamland or maybe how i would have imagined elegant weddings as a child- but in the good, vivid imagination kind of way. The bridal party is awesome.


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