Oct 19, 2010


I have long lamented the fact that because we rent, putting up wallpaper isn't really feasible. I'm not about to spend a ton of money on some awesome wallpaper only to have to tear it down a few months later. But when we were staying at our hotel in Buenos Aires, I loved the way the designers had framed the wallpaper from the bedroom in the living room....and then it hit me...FRAMES!
Above: Inspiration. Below: in practice.
Now I just gotta find the wallpaper...

images: 1 and 2 by Me (Matrioshka) 3 via Abby Goes Design Scouting, 4 via Apartment Therapy.


  1. I LOVE this idea!!!!!!!! This is just brilliant. I especially love the red and purple wall paper from Abby Goes Design Scouting. Us renters need a little extra help... I just realized I could also do this with some awesome vintage fabric that I have (seeing as I don't sew). YEEEESSSSSS!!!!!

  2. Yeah, note to self: red and purple are awesome together!

  3. Word. Oh, and look what I just found:


    JACKPOT at Anthropologie. Why am I not surprised.


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