Jul 23, 2010

Where Have You Been? The Diversion Project

I know I've talked about this phenomena before. Where you see a picture or a pair of shoes or hear a song and you're like...that's it. That is you. There is something so subtle about that thing that makes that one thing totally line up with your own taste. From a clothing standpoint that definitely happened to me when I came across Ascot Friday. But for design, my big bang moment came when I discovered the Diversion Project. I love the pictures, I love her cute title posts, and I've already bookmarked like every store she has mentioned. I mean, how can you not love this?
It's clear Jules loves black paint, industrial spaces, a mix of high glamor and lower thrift store finds and striped rugs. All my favorites.
Then there was this picture. When I saw this couch.... I realized that I will forever be unhappy with any couch I ever have because it will never compare to this couch. My perfect outdoor patio: retro wire furniture and bright bold colors.
Tons of little tidbits that gave me some serious decorating ideas and that made me covet.

Diversion Project...you complete me.


  1. hey matrioshka, thanks heaps for this cool post, v.kind! so glad you like the blog. cheers, jules

  2. Thanks for all the inspiration!


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