Jul 20, 2010

L.A. Ladies Choir

Have you heard or heard of the L.A. Ladies Choir? I used to be very involved in several choirs growing up, so I was so excited to read about them in my last copy of Elle. Especially because the group was started by Becky Stark of Lavender Diamond (a group I fell in love with when the opened for the Decemberists) and Aska Matsumiya (of several other very cool bands) and counts several other creative artists and even the model Frankie Rayder among its members. The women dress up in vintage Laura Ashley--another sign of my past--and get together to sing beautiful folk music and apparently eat very delicious food. Sounds a bit more Laural Canyon hippie than the sort of classical music gray knee socks vibe of my old choir, but I could totally get into it. Is anyone down to start a DC chapter?

images via T Magazine and A Capella News


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