Jul 11, 2010

Caesar Salad Search: My Own

On super hot days like we've been having all PB and I really want to eat are Caesar salads. So crisp and fresh but loaded with yummy cheese and spicy garlic. And since a Caesar salad is really all about the dressing I thought I'd post my favorite recipe here.* Basically you just need garlic, Worcester sauce, olive oil, Dijon mustard, an egg yolk and yes, anchovies. Simply chop up the anchovies and garlic and then whisk in the other ingredients, then season to taste.

Once the dressing is made add some croutons (the recipe for homemade croutons can also be found at the link), Parmesan cheese and maybe grilled chicken. Oh and lettuce.

*when you think about it, isn't the lettuce just a vehicle for the cheese, croutons and dressing?

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