Jul 23, 2010

Working with What you Got

Our apartment is not totally my favorite aesthetic. That is, no, it is not a Parisian apartment with chevron wood floors and beautiful paneling, nor is it in Brooklyn with exposed brick and industrial lighting fixtures...but very few people's are. No, our apartment was built in the 80's and features yellow cabinets and mirrored doors everywhere possible. But I don't know, maybe it's just because we've already made so many good memories there, it's home. But I digress. Because my canvas is unique, I have to change my style of painting slightly. I've started going a bit more glamorous (I mean we've got those mirrors), brighter, flashier than some of my favorite muted spaces. But, it is a fine line (a subtlety, anyone?) to not go overboard. I was feeling a bit lost in all the contrasting black, whites, and yellows and wondering what I was doing when I stumbled on this apartment.

This space is modern, bright, and bold without being...too 80s, too bold. It's refined, airy, and fun. I think judicious use of white and lots of striped pillows, rugs, and lamp shades helped.

images via The Diversion Project

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