Jun 4, 2010

Where Have You Been? Need Supply Company

I LOVE necklaces. I basically planned my veil and shoes for my wedding around a necklace (ooh PB, I've sparked your interest now, haven't I?). But I just cannot find a reliable source of them that is not Anthropologie and that will not drive me to the poor house. And then:

Hello awesome necklaces! Just like that. But you know what? it doesn't stop there! What else have I been looking for? New tops that are breezy, that hit that perfect look great with jeans and with skirts place, and are not crazy expensive...they have those too!

So thank you thank you thank you Auburn & Ivory for the discovery! Check it out at : http://needsupply.com/


  1. i also love need supply. i used to live in richmond,virginia- right down the street from their store. now that i'm away i love that they opened an online store!

  2. Maybe I need to organize a weekend getaway to Richmond....


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