Jun 4, 2010

My own personal art gallery

In college, my dorm room was covered in pictures of Bjork, Chanel Ads, and pictures of friends. While I am definitely more than a bit past college and on my way to my 30's I still feel like being a "grown up" doesn't mean I can't cover my walls in pictures....they're just in frames now. Enter the "art wall" or "gallery wall" (depending on which blogs you read). PB and I are in the midst of putting up our own little gallery wall, and here are some of our inspirations.

I love the stark modern look of these walls with matching frames evenly spaced and packed in tightly.

But for those of us who have some issues with hanging pictures evenly or buying 100 red frames, fear not, I think they look great with ecletic frames and hung far apart. I think that they work equally when the frames are arranged in clusters or drawn out and scattered. And then you have to decide what exactly you will frame. All art? All photography? A mixture? I think an art wall can be a great way to disguise a tv. How about just frames?
via 1 coco+ kelley; 2, 3, 4, & 9 From the Right Bank; 6 All the Best; 9 Emma's Design Blog; 5, 7, 8, 12, & 13 Abby Goes Design Scouting; 11 SF Girl by the Bay; 10, 14 & 15 Design Sponge


  1. Great selection here. I'm constantly saving similar photos to my desktop of the ubiquitous gallery wall. I'm reeeeally slowly working on my own. I just want it to be complete already!

    xx Cristina

  2. y'know what? i dream of having this too, for my future house :)

  3. This is my goal for our dining room eventually. We just need to travel more to take more photos! We have selected two from the transsiberian to add.


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