Jun 14, 2010

Airport wear (or I'm shameless)

I actually sort of like packing for a trip and yes, I love traveling that much. Since no one at this new destination has seen your cutest outfits, so you can feel free to shamelessly display your best hits over and over again. But what I really hate is figuring out what to wear on the plane. I never know what I'm going to feel like wearing until the absolute last second, which sometimes makes picking out what goes in the suitcase quite difficult.
But lately, I've developed a little travel uniform: black jeans, black slim v-neck tee, black boots, and a scarf (a thick infinity one in the winter, and a lighter silk one in the spring). So far, I have to say, it's been pretty reliable. People always compliment how chic I look for having just travelled (ah the magic of black) and it's super comfortable. I know I could just wear some yoga pants and call it a day, but I always feel better when I'm a bit more put together. But this is where my secret shame comes in, I've totally ripped it off of some of my favorite celebrity travelers (which is to say the Olsons, plus some others).
While there are no paparazzi stalking me at the airport, I can't help feeling a little bit cool wearing all black (if it's leather, so much the better). So here are my travel dressing thoughts:
1) layer the hell out of it: you're going to want multiple jackets and sweaters on the trip so layer on a few, tie some around your waist (an Olson dressing staple), and you achieve a lighter suitcase and look awesome.
2) scarves: blankets + fashion = awesome way to travel
3) hats and sunglasses: I know wearing sunglasses indoors is a bit silly, but in an airport...I don't know, it works.
4) huge bags: not convenient for finding your keys, but perfect for reading material, your computer, a travel blanket, and your sunglasses
5) do not be afraid to wear boots. Just take them off and put on some travel socks when you get on the plane. added bonus, they don't take up too much space in your bag.
All Olson Photos (1 - 5) from Olsons Anonymous, 6. Just Jared, 7. & 8. People.com, 9. Because I'm Addicted

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