Jun 21, 2010

my bedroom favorites/crisis

So we're 2 walls into painting our bedroom and suddenly I look up and...I just don't know what I'm doing anymore. So in a panic I search through some of my favorite bedrooms, but they're all so different. I love bright colors, I love all white, I love vintage, I love modern, I love vintage modern. So while I deal with this minor existential crisis, enjoy some of my favorite bedrooms.

I love how this room is all about the vintage style wallpaper but the crisp white bedding makes it feel more modern than grandma.
I think it's incredible how this room would be totally unremarkable without that cowhide rug and the pulp fiction poster. The contast of those two items with the rest of the room totally makes this room. I've already sworn my undying love to the design of the Ace Palm Springs Hotel. I love the surfer 70s feel of the rooms. Its masculinity makes it super hip. Vintage Vintage VintageThis room is also overtly vintage but in a totally feminine way. I'm pretty sure PB wouldn't let me get away with this (and neither would our landlord with that wallpaper), but I think its goregous. I used to be totally obsessed with this bedroom. I love how the color is enough to make this room completely unique and desirable. I love the combination of the white brick, black wall, and bright color in this room. So Swedish. I just want to curl up in that bed with a book. I know you can barely even see this room. But I ask you, how does a leaning mirror, a plant, and a vintage desk transform this room into something extraordinary? Elegant simplicity. I'm not sure I could pare down my possessions enough for this style, but I love it. This room makes me feel like I'm looking at the bedroom of a member of deposed royalty who has taken an apartment in Paris until conditions improve in his country. Is it the print? Is it the industrial space? I think it's both together. I feel like this headboard was carried aboard a camel for several days on its journey to this bedroom. 1. Design Sponge 2. Emma's Design Blogg 3. Ace Hotel--Palm Springs 4. (i'm guessing Design Sponge) 5. Emma's Design Blogg 6. & 7. Design Sponge 8. & (. Emma's Design Blogg 10. & 11. Design Sponge 11. (I'm guessing Design Sponge).


  1. I wanna go to the ACe hotel too! And the last bed room pic looks awesome, so many textures but sadly dc is bereft in such accomidations

  2. i love them all, but especially the last two... i want to live there.


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