Jun 14, 2010

Black and Brown Days

I used to have this problem with black and brown together. Black and brown had to inhibit two totally separate universes. If I had black boots on, the idea of a brown belt or purse made me feel queasy. I always had to have brown and black tights on hand depending on my outfit. Even my first forays into fur (I was living in Eastern Europe!) had to be separated by brown and black. I realized I had done a 180 when I saw this Nate Berkus styled room and immediately saved it to my inspiration file. Something about the boldness of the black stripes makes the room look so fresh, while the brown keeps the black from looking overly modern or styled. In fact, I have now come to fully embrace black and brown together for both fashion and home. I think, what I've come to enjoy is the way that black sets off a beautiful rich brown, especially brown leather or wood and the way that black makes brown look more sophisticated. What do you think?

images via 1. {this is glamorous} 2. & 4. & 5 & 8 & 10 & 13 Emma's DesignBlogg 3. Calivintage 6 & 7 & 9 & 12 The Sartorialist 11. Altamira

1 comment:

  1. Oh i definitely agree. The black/brown and even gray/brown combos have been a fashion staple for me. They definitely can go together, and add depth to an outfit.


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