May 20, 2010

I am speechless

I just don't know....I'm pretty sure they're awesome...pretty sure. Does anyone know who makes them? What do you think? via Jak & Jil


  1. I've thought about this for a bit and I think I have to rule no n this.....sorry it just looks like you would be wearing yak feet

  2. My first impression was to laugh uncontrollably. It looks like someone skinned a small dog. These should be in Mr. Burns' closet, alongside his gorilla chest vest.

    But that's just my opinion. Bolder fashionistas may disagree.

  3. He could wear them while playing with his human chessboard.

  4. I could put double sided tape on a pair of boots, walk around my house, and end up with these shoes. Just get 2 cats and a dog and you're set.


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