Sep 1, 2010

Wednesday = Half Way (Bachelorette Edition)

Okay, it wasn't last weekend but it took me awhile to get these pictures all together. But my bachelorette party was so much fun. I refuse to believe that anyone could be as lucky as me in terms of friends. They literally included all my favorite hobbies, drinks, and foods. Including, a sunset champagne toast water taxi ride ( love anything nautical), sichuan chinese food, tanning on the beach (trip to Coney Island), dinner at the Russian Samovar (mmmmm pelmeni), dancing, and brunch (actually 2 brunches!) including a little sparkling wine flight.
Yes, that's me!

I don't think I can thank them enough for taking time out of their crazy busy schedules to plan such an amazing weekend. It was such a great excuse to make a bunch of friends get together and celebrate.

And next weekend...I'm getting married.


  1. What a fun way to celebrate and do the countdown to the big day!

  2. Sounds like absolutely the best day! Hmm I wonder what my all of my favorite things in one day would be like..

    xx Cristina

  3. hope everything went great {i'm assuming 'next weekend' was the 5th/6th?!}.

    hope it was a brilliant day no less and look forward to seeing some more pics!


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