Sep 23, 2010

Missing Shag...

One of the things that sucks about having carpeting is that...well you don't really need rugs. In general, I'm not a big fan of wall-to-wall carpeting but we've got it and it's fine and that's all. But I do get a hankering for my shag rug Swedish, so 70s, so California, so rustic and chic at the same time. Some people can make it work on top of wall-to-wall but I favor it over hard wood or even better...concrete. Images via The Diversion Project, sfgirlbythebay in Rue Magazine, unknown, unknown (I will fix it if someone knows where these are from), Inspirational Spaces (photos by Elisabeth Aarhus).

1 comment:

  1. I love the strong contrast between the whites and the frames in the second picture! Oh and also that last pictures, light bulbs? CUTE!

    p/s: thank u for stopping by my blog, i hope youre having a great day!


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