Sep 22, 2010

Casa Coupage

I'm not going to totally obsess over my trip... too much. But I do want to describe one of the best (and there were many) meals we had on the trip. The meal was awesome not just because the food and wine were exquisite but because it was at a private home. Casa Coupage is one of Buenos Aires' many puertas cerradas, or closed door restaurants. The restaurant is run by two sommeliers who more than know their way around Argentinian wines in an amazing belle epoch (I mean 18 foot ceilings) home. But even more importantly the food was 'effing delicious. I chose to go off one of the menus and order a la carte--if only because I had to have both the octopus and the duck with brussel sprouts. And then...the cheese course. I had a goat cheese that was like eating a slice of home, it made me feel so happy and warm and affectionate. For dessert, I opted for this crazy zucchini (those are the cubes!) and cake and carmelized ginger option that was like nothing I've ever had. But dude...PB got the chocolate cake...heaven!

If you go to Buenos Aires, I absolutely demand that you email up Casa Coupage and make a reservation.
Güemes 4382,


  1. So odd- i suddenly had a craving for goat cheese today, and for some reason, thought "Courtney would appreciate that!" But then thought "what?!" Now i realize, you absolutely WOULD appreciate it!

  2. I can always sympathize with a cheese craving!


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