Sep 27, 2010

Round Two!

Okay, we are down to 2 couches from Crate and Barrel and I just can't decide. Suddenly I feel like I have to definitely decide what my style is and which couch somehow embodies that style.

In corner one: The Petrie (probably in tan or tranquil). It's got that early 60s retro modern vibe that would fit in with our style It's delicate and feminine but comfortable at the same time. But...
In the second corner, the contender, the Steele: There's something very late 70s/80s about this that I love and I just like that it's different, not so trendy. Very masculine. For some reason I feel like when the mad men craze passes (and I'm not at all advocating that) I'm going to want something a little bit more substantial.

What do you think? Petrie or Steele?


  1. I almost bought the Petrie myself so have to vote that way.

    I think it is a classic and that Mad Men craze or not, it will always be a classic.-- Juree

  2. Aw, I was liking Steele better..

  3. I am definitely still split...what I call a delicious dilemma!


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