Feb 28, 2010

La Limena

On Friday, some friends convinced PB and I to make the journey out to a strip mall in Rockville to try this Peruvian restaurant, La Limena. I even wore my little santos that I bought in Lima for the occasion. Even though I generally try to avoid Maryland, I make exceptions where delicious food is involved. We ordered this ceviche de pescado that was seriously one of the best ceviches I've ever had. We got extra sweet potatoes (that I'm fairly certain were soaked in sugar) that were amazing. After sopping up our ceviches with the sweet potatoes, we got down to business. The business being steaks in the Limena style: that is a thin delicious steak with an easy over egg, nestled on top of fried yucca, rice, and plantains. Somehow struggling with a plastic knife over plastic plates just made it all the more satisfying. As did the light dusting of snow on the car when we left.

The mother lode: mmmmmmmm
Do you know any places for amazing food in DC area stripmalls?
La Limena
765-B Rockville PikeRockville,
MD 20850
(301) 424-8066

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