Feb 26, 2010


For some reason, the idea of possessing good taste has seemed like a worthwhile goal. Some might call that insecurity, or the need for others to affirm just how awesome they are. Maybe that's true, but I say life is better when surrounded by beautiful and tasty things, so what's the problem?
In middle school, my existence was defined by trying to posses the ever-elusive good music taste (i.e. Nirvana, hey it was the 90's). And while I've never stopped loving the thrill of finding a new band that just perfectly combines vocal harmony and pop beats with low-fi production, I wanted more. More awesomely tasteful things....I wanted clothes. And so my foray into fishnets, huge floppy flowers (hey, it was 2000), chuck taylors, and huge sunglasses dominated most of my college years. It wasn't till I met my fiancee (or as I like to say, my intended) that I remembered the most important of tastes...taste! So the latter part of my 20's has been spent pouring over the washingtonian and yelp, looking for bahn mi or a good pot of mussels. And then....one day in July when I was least expecting it, I began a new taste frontier....weddings.
So, after obsessing about taste for the better part of my 28 years, it seemed like an appropriate time to obsess about it to everyone else.

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