Feb 26, 2010

First Query

PB and I are not overly formal people. I mean, we like shmancy food, but mostly just because it tastes good (escargot, I'm looking at you). So now that it's getting time to register we have to decide what to do about things like "china" and "glassware." At first, I was really resitant to registering for China. We already have some really nice plain white square plates that I think look plenty formal (even if they are from Target). But in the spirit of, but when are you going to have people wanting to buy you beautiful things again, and "hey, I like pretty things," I've pretty much come around to the idea of adding it to the registry. I know some people might grow up knowing what kind of plates they like, but let's pretend I haven't and look at some options:
Kate Spade's line (available at Macy's) is, of course, classically beautiful

Library Lane: who doesn't love librarians?

Greene Street: so art deco

Crescent Drive: The name makes me think of Los Angeles...

Those might be just a little too classic for us, though. Some of the wares at Michael Fina might be a bit more up my alley:

The colors on these are actually pretty close to our wedding colors

I LOVE this setting (isn't the handle on the cup ridiculously cute) but at $300 a setting, I think I probably need to keep looking.

I have a bit of an obsession with cherry blossoms....and I think the salad plate is....well, darling

Okay, so I was perfectly happy with some of these options....until I saw these from Fitzu:

They're called ittala dewdrop and they're.....gorgeous. I love how they're modern and vintage looking at the same time. And...they're suprisingly affordable. Now, I just need to convince PB.....

Which ones do you like? Have you seen any more lustworthy pieces?


  1. Oh yes, the Dew Drop. A Finnish household mainstay. Definitely invest. :)

  2. It's my inner Scandanavian trying to get out...


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