Feb 9, 2011

Wednesday = Halfway

My goal for last weekend was just to relax. In fact, I can't remember a weekend when I cared so little about organizing or straightening up. On Friday we had a wonderful dinner at Capital Grille.* It was one of those beautiful nights with great cocktails, views of the capital, wedge salads, and flowing conversation. Then, on Saturday we slept in and lounged around with Grizzly (do you think dogs understand what a hug is? Or do they just think, "huh, this is odd"). And on Sunday I had my Russian lessons and then saw the King's Speech (Have you seen it yet? It is really quite stunning). Then we went to Georgetown and ate crabcakes and friend shrimp at Tacklebox.
This weekend I am looking forward to getting drinks with my lady friends on Friday and a game meat themed dinner party on Saturday....oh and an 8 mile run on Sunday. You?

**We had a wonderful time, and the food was great, but if you just want a great steak in the DC area, go to Ray's the Steaks: it's about half the price and just as good if not better (but you don't get a view of the Capital).


  1. Looks like a good weekend! And I swear my polish aunt has the same plates as you do...

  2. Every time you ladies go out for a drink, you have to have one for me. This serves a dual purpose: it will make you think of me, and it will also get you sloshed. Also kind of like me...


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