Feb 8, 2011

Oh, Henry! The Navigator, that is...

This week, GB is sharing some beautiful pictures from her honeymoon to the Iberian peninsula (plus Morocco). I went to Portugal in college, but I am wishing I had checked out the Algarve, her trip looks amazing! (PS. have I mentioned that I love GB because she is such a history stud before?)

Okay, this post is neither about Portuguese princes nor candy bars, but we did hear a lot about the famous seafaring royal when we explored the Algarve for a couple days in November. It was pretty sleepy then, as most tourists (mostly European) flock for the cove-like beaches in summer, but you have to admit - there are certain benefits to that:

We stayed at a super cute luxury boutique hotel just outside Lagos, called the Quinta Bonita. You know that smell that all spas seem to have wafting around? That is what greeted us every time we walked into the lobby - how can I do that at home?

This was one corner of the garden (the orange grove on the other side supplied fresh juice in the mornings):

Anyway, I think it's safe to say that even ole' Prince Henry didn't have it as nice (hooray for jacuzzi tubs!). Plus, the British couple that runs the hotel is super friendly - that may not have been the case in the 1400s...

Quinta BonitaLuxury Boutique Hotel
Matos Morenos
Quatro Estrados8
Lagos, Portugal
+351 282 762135

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